Glad that as everything is coming online, certain hidden aspects are coming to light and one such aspect was the use of animals in making beauty products. The fact that animals are tortured to cater to your beauty needs is not only diabolic but quite unfair to the lifestyle and religious sentiment (referring to vega and vegetarian communities). Thus if one looks closely, the use of animals and animal drive products in cosmetics is wrong in every characteristic. Keeping the same into consideration there are many luxury beauty brands that are making 100% vegan products.
Moreover, at Collect Promo you can avail a huge discount with Vogacloset coupon code on all the top makeup brands in Saudi Arabia. Listed below are some of the cruelty-free beauty brands that make 100% vegan products. The mentioned brands are ideal for gifting purposes too, especially when you are getting such a huge discount.

● KVD Vegan Beauty
Formerly known as Kat Von D Beauty (the beautician departed the company earlier in the spring), the brand’s name has been changed, but its commitment to high-quality vegan products has not. The edgy packaging and bright colors pay reference to the founder’s background as a tattoo artist, but the products have been welcomed by beauty fans of various backgrounds.

● Hourglass Cosmetics
Every makeup artist likes Hourglass because their products are vegan and they WORK. Lasts for hours, has a high color payoff, and is available in hundreds of various colors and shades of work.

● Clarins
Clarins, a well-known cosmetics brand in the European Union, is also focusing on environmentalism. This premium company is continually tweaking its original formula in order to make it 100 percent organic. Even if a product is a best-seller, it is constantly being modified to increase quality, sensory delight, and appeal. Aside from that, it provides three free samples with every transaction so that you may apply and provide comments.

● Simone Beauty
B. Simone Beauty has you covered for all of your lip requirements. They’re well-known for their elevated, long-lasting (and, of course, vegan) lipsticks, lip gloss,and lip liners.

● E.L.F. Cosmetics
It might be difficult to find vegan beauty that isn’t pricey, but E.L.F. provides a vast selection of items at incredibly low costs. The company has a wide range of moods and provides lots of variety, from traditional BB cream to aggressive glitter shadow.After changing its recipes to replace beeswax and lanolin with synthetic substitutes,
the brand’s complete cosmetics and skincare line is now 100 percent vegan.

● Beauty Bay Sunscreen
SPF50 Beach Sunscreen from Beauty Bay pampers the face. Cucumber and green tea are among the 70% organic components in this beverage. It keeps the skin nourished and non-greasy while protecting it from sun damage. Aside from that, it provides a gorgeous appearance with a bright finish.

● Pacifica
Pacifica has a large selection of vegan lipsticks, cosmetics, nail polish, hair products,and skincare products. The company is also environmentally aware (it has its own recycling programme) and cruelty-free. Pacifica is influenced by nature, even down to the shade names, and has an ultra-feminine, and dreamy mood.

● HnM’s Lip Gloss
It may be challenging to find the right vegan and cruelty-free lip gloss. As a result,H&M has high-quality vegan lip gloss. H&M offers a 3-pack of fruity and sweet lip glosses. These lip glosses provide a dazzling appearance while also hydrating the lips for an extended period of time.

● Tower 28 Beauty
If you want a low-key makeup look, Tower 28 is for you. Their vegan solutions are fuss-free, can be applied without the need for makeup products or a mirror, and will not make you seem excessive or completely fabricated.

● Victoria’s Sector Body Lotion
Body lotion by Victoria’s Secret, which is 100 percent vegan, will nourish your skin.This lotion has a moisturizing composition that will keep your skin wet for 24 hours. It also has a wonderful aroma that includes essential oils and mood-lifting components to brighten your day. This lotion seals in hydration and avoids sticky layers.Here are a few of the vegan products that you can use or gift with exclusive discounts by Collect Promo.

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