Best Ramadan Gifts for your Newly Wed Wife

Ramadan is the ultimate season of showing love to your friends, parents, siblings and spouse. In fact, all these relations hold a big significance yet it’s something very different with your spouse as this is the reaction that you have chosen with your will to make a new family of your own. For a reason, a spouse is called your life partner and when it comes to a holy month like Ramdan, that person needs to be treated special with all your heart, gestures and soul. 

Marriage is a religious obligation, moral protection, and a social commitment for Muslims. In Islam, it is seen as a powerful relationship, which Mithaqun Ghaleez defines as a difficult commitment. It is a dedication to the human race’s complete and dignified survival. Thus, comes without saying that marriage is a pious bond that two people share and the holy month of Ramadan is indeed an opportunity to look after your bond as husband and wife. Celebrating the beauty of the same, here are some of the gifts you can give to your wife this Ramadan. That too if you do that with promo code and discount code your wifey would be on cloud nine because of her husband’s smartness. Thus without much ado, let’s dig in for the list. 

  • Earrings 

Girls love jewelry, and no matter how many trinkets they have, they are always happy to add to their collection. That isn’t to say that any gleaming ornament will suffice. A female has her own preferences! Keep an eye out for the kind she prefers, whether it’s earrings, rings, pendants, or arm accessories. Is it true that she exclusively wears little studs or that she prefers larger earrings? Coloured stones, rhinestones, or elaborate metallic patterns; gleaming gold and silver, or corroded metal? When you list it like this, the options are many, but if you pay attention to what she wears, the answers are straightforward. 

  • Alcohol-free perfumes 

Because alcohol is banned in Islam, Muslims avoid fragrances that include alcohol, however, if your mind is drifting towards ittar, stop! There’s nothing wrong with ittar, but there are a lot of other non-alcohol fragrances to choose from. Girls enjoy using perfumes, but they choose current and fresh aromas that appeal to their tastes. Traditional scents such as ittars, as lovely as they are, do not elicit much enthusiasm among the young, who regard them as a product of the past.

  • Makeup brushes 

Every female places adorning herself with cosmetics high on her priority list. Buying her cosmetics, on the other hand, might be difficult unless you know her well and are familiar with the brands she favors. Girls, contrary to popular belief, do not wear any and all types of cosmetics. They have personal preferences, such as focusing on their eyes or favoring lipstick, or they have their own makeup style. There are a variety of brands and types of cosmetics available even within these categories. It would be a waste to buy cosmetics she won’t use, and as it comes with a use-by date, they will have to be thrown away after a time. Get her anything to apply her cosmetics with. 

  • Beautiful and elegant dupatta 

Every woman should have a couple of lovely silk dupattas in her wardrobe that may be worn with a variety of outfits. Dupattas are quite adaptable since they may be worn with ethnic costumes, wrapped over the neck like a scarf, and utilized for sun and wind protection when she goes out. 

Here are some of our top picks that you can use for surprising your wife. Trust us, with amazing coupon codes by collecting promo you will be not only able to make your wife happy but will win the tag of the sensible husband too.

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