Ramadan is a significant month in the Islamic calendar, and it is celebrated by millions of Muslims around the world. For Middle Eastern countries, Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, family gatherings, and communal meals. In this blog we will explore some of the customs, traditions, and practices associated with Ramadan in Middle Eastern […]

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Collect Promo is the leading online platform that gives amazing discounts on the biggest realtiers in Saudi Arabia. Mentioned further are the hottest deals to grab with Collect Promo.   ● Cotton on Voucher Codes & Online Shopping Deals Save a lot of money on luxury shopping brands for the younger generation! Cotton On Coupons […]

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Here is How Using Promo Codes can Help You A Big Time

Promo codes have taken the whole shopping game to the next level and benefit consumers with the utmost interest. Now, through online shopping or retail stores’ offers, you can use the promo codes for grabbing the best of the deals. When a retailer gives promotional codes, it is incentivizing people to buy, which helps both the […]

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Summer Fashion For Men and Women In Middle East Region

The Arab world is the place where high fashion meets modesty and elegance. In fact, being a place of plushness and abundance along with strong cultural value, fashion becomes quite like artwork in Arab culture. Moreover, keeping extreme weather conditions into consideration keeping yourself safe along with looking trendy is a puzzle in itself. However, […]

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Glad that as everything is coming online, certain hidden aspects are coming to light and one such aspect was the use of animals in making beauty products. The fact that animals are tortured to cater to your beauty needs is not only diabolic but quite unfair to the lifestyle and religious sentiment (referring to vega […]

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Best Ramadan Gifts for your Newly Wed Wife

Ramadan is the ultimate season of showing love to your friends, parents, siblings and spouse. In fact, all these relations hold a big significance yet it’s something very different with your spouse as this is the reaction that you have chosen with your will to make a new family of your own. For a reason, […]

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Best Retailers To Shop From In Saudi Arabia

It’s plush, it’s posh, it’s poised, it’s Saudi Arabia! Saudi Arabia’s taste is all about refined and riches hence it is the hub of all the classic and classy retailers in the world. Here you have the glamor and charm that will smite you in the first look and hence it’s quite vital to take […]

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Things You Need To Shop This Ramdan

Ramadan is the month with all the hustle-bustle for Muslims. It has the essence of religiousness and the excitement of festivities. Overall, Ramadan is the month with a billion emotions and the emotion that overshadows everything is the feeling of constant bliss. It’s the month for endless celebration, endless treats, endless memories and endless abundance […]

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Best Gifts For Ramdan To Your Parents

There is no parent in the world who doesn’t feel happy seeing their children taking after their major cultural significance. Hence, wherever a festival is around the corner it is a good time for you as children to take your parents by surprise, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. This month is marked as […]

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Importance of gifting

Giving and receiving gifts has been an integral part of human relationships. As per the dictionary, gifts are something that is ‘voluntarily transferred’ and ‘does not imply compensation’. Through the definition, we can figure out that receiving and giving gifts can help people in forming and storing emotional and social connections with the people they […]

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