How to Celebrate Eid al-Adha During COVID?

This year all the festivities will be different and unique, especially when the Eid al-Adha is around. The festival is being shadowed upon by the coronavirus pandemic, and Muslims along with others around the country and the globe have been asked to precisely follow social distancing norms to help contain the virus and keep themselves healthy.

There is no denying the fact that in these challenging times, the celebrations will be a little quieter than usual this year, yet that doesn’t mean, we can’t bring in the festival spirit. Here are a few ways as to how you can keep the spirit up and enjoy with your family.

You can have online parties

It might not be easy to visit your friends and relatives, this Eid-al-Adha, but that doesn’t have to affect your spirit to celebrate the festival. You can always connect to your loved ones online and hold virtual parties. This is one way you can celebrate the festival with your family and loved ones all around the world.

Do not fail to dress up

Just because you can’t go out and celebrate the festival, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in your pyjamas. Dressing up for a change will brighten up your day and experience a break from the lockdown routine. With the Ounass promo code, you can shop a wide range of trends and styles and get it delivered to your house.

Decorate your house

Grant your house a festive look and decorate it with Eid themed decorations. Put on some music to suit the occasion. This will give you some happy vibes.

Have something good and healthy on that day

Everybody looks forward to Eid delights and delicacies. While we are sure most of us will be busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, how about you include something nutritious and nutrition filled in your meals. Make sure to include some source of nutrients like Vitamin C, vegetables, antioxidant-rich food products, which will also balance our feasting, ensuring health at the same time.

Follow social distancing

Also, as the lockdown restrictions have eased out in some parts of the country and travel has been permitted, it is essential that you obey the rules of social distancing strictly, sanitize and disinfect all surfaces. Avoid getting in contact with germy areas and wear a mask all the time.

Support the poor and vulnerable

Doing charity and helping others is one of the main pillars of Islam, and many around the world make sure that they practice this social welfare as much as they can. This year, it can be a great idea to support those in need. Those affected by the ongoing crisis are finding it hard to handle their financial situations to get the basic protective equipment to protect themselves. You can always contribute money, food for those who are in need right now. Volunteering, charity, and practicing gratitude are some of the ways to enjoy the festival.

Pray at home

And most of all, by staying home, you are not only protecting yourself but also protecting your family. So, pray at home and avoid going out.

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