Summer Fashion For Men and Women In Middle East Region

The Arab world is the place where high fashion meets modesty and elegance. In fact, being a place of plushness and abundance along with strong cultural value, fashion becomes quite like artwork in Arab culture. Moreover, keeping extreme weather conditions into consideration keeping yourself safe along with looking trendy is a puzzle in itself. However, there are many brands like Qunass, Vogacloset, Ubuy and Luxury Closet that are working continuously in the Middle East market and surprising by their innovations. These brands are the epitome of excelling and luxury
and the best part is that you can get the best of the deals at huge discounts with Collect Promo. If you too are looking forward to setting some chic trends in Arabian fashion, here are some summer clothing tips.

What men can wear

Traditional dress
The classic red and white turban is worn with a plain white thobe in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE. This style is self-explanatory; the beauty and attractiveness of this ensemble require no more explanation.

Dress casual
This laid-back appearance is all about the traditional thobe and turban; add some oomph to the ensemble with some fashionable sunglasses and a leather watch. This appearance is all about attitude; add a dash of ego, and you’ve got yourself a fiery look.

Add accessories
This casual look is again all about the traditional thobe and turban; you can add oomph to this style by adding in some trendy shades and a leather watch. This look is all about attitude, add a touch of ego, and your look is all ready to set some fire.

Baggy tees and jogger
Slip into your favourite pair of joggers and match them with a roomy top that flows over your body effortlessly to be at your most relaxed.

White cotton shirt with espadrilles
Summer footwear doesn’t have to be limited to canvas shoes! Espadrilles are unquestionably one of the most underappreciated shoe styles. They go with most of your clothes because they are made of cloth rather than other common materials. For a holiday or lunch date this season, we recommend wearing them with a casual
white shirt and slim-fit cotton slacks. If you like, you may leave the top button open! What women can wear.

A thwab, also known as a thobe, is an ankle-length garment with long sleeves that is most often worn as a robe. The differentiation between a male and a female Thwab is created since it is a unisex outfit. If you see an embroidered Thwab, you should know it is for a lady. It is one of the most beautiful Middle Eastern clothes, and it is
something that everyone should try on.

Go for a breathable fabric
The benefit of dressing modestly, which is important in Islamic attire, is that it already requires loose-fitting clothing. This is especially important in the summer when nothing should contact your sticky skin. Wearing synthetic fabrics will cause you to sweat and irritate your skin.

Choose light colour
Although many hijabis and other modest-dressing women choose to wear dark colours all year, summer is the perfect time to experiment with new hues. Hues of taupe, white, and light blue are effective in keeping the sun at bay. They’re also ideal for beachwear since they complement the sand, sky, and water.

Kaftan or Caftans are gowns that are comparable to jillaba but have their own distinct categories, such as this vibrant silk caftan. On a casual day out, mix this adorable middle eastern attire with a pair of blue denim jeans.

Carsaf is a traditional Turkish variation of the Abaya, which is popular in the Middle East. It appears basic, but I believe it is quite elegant. Wearing light smokey eyes and red lipstick will completely transform this appearance. Here are some of our top picks for Middle Eastern men and women for rocking this summer. You can check out the collection with Collect Promo for a huge discount.


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