Women's day celebration

Dedicate this women’s day to celebrate the zest and livelihood of the strong women of Saudi Arabia. Although women of all domains and regions are worth celebrating for their achievements yet the way the Saudi Arabian government has shaped women’s law recently is significant. Now the vibrant, beautiful, and laced with infinite possibilities the wonder Saudi women are able to drive, vote, and travel. What a remarkable decision in the favor of ladies! What more? Why don’t you uplift this spirit of womanhood with a token of love in the form of a gift? Especially when you are getting a huge discount on all the high-end retailers of Saudi Arabia with Collect Promo. It is your golden opportunity to make your mom, sister, wife, or best friend feel like a million bucks with an exclusive collection by stores VogaCloset, Ounass, Mamas and Papas, Faces, Namish, and much more. 

Reasons To Celebrate Women’s Day 

  • Every minute twenty-eight girls are forced to get married without there will 

More than 250 million women are living today who were married before turning 15, many against their choice. This is a global issue fueled by deep-seated patriarchal views that girls are only valuable in conventional housewife and homemaker roles and that it is thus pointless to invest time and money in schooling or life after marriage. Early marriage is on the decline: one in every four young women alive today was married as a child, compared to one in every three in the early 1980s. 

  • Women are hardworking 

Women are capable and capable of performing all types of labor as well as males. Females have had unprecedented changes in recent years, and they have begun to pursue occupations in all sorts of dangerous sectors without fear or trepidation. They are capable of performing their duties with enthusiasm. Women have begun to earn large sums of money and are able to support themselves independently without relying on others. 

  • 35% of the women experience domestic violence worldwide 

In her lifetime, one out of every three women will be subjected to some form of physical or sexual abuse. Domestic violence cases have risen dramatically as a result of national lockdowns, creating a shadow epidemic,’ according to the UN. Things have become worse following COVID-19, according to 67.4 percent of survivors who were facing abuse at the time of a Women’s Aid poll in April 2020.

  • Women are great counselors 

Give your female family member, acquaintance, or friend a call when you need someone to chat to. And no matter what happens, she will always be there for you. It’s possible she’s your mother, sibling, or closest friend. She is quite familiar with you and will provide you with the finest advice. They’ll show you the way. 

Basically, women have seen so many things in the past and were pushed under the pile of responsibilities without any power. Yet they managed to be a part of this ever-evolving world with their grace and other inherited traits. Hence, don’t miss the chance to make women around you feel special and loved with coupons by Collect Promo.

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